Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chapter 1

Risk McDermott came to Barnacle Bay with his bride Zoe on their honeymoon, and taken by the natural beauty and charm of the small beach town, they decided to stay.

They bought a tiny cottage on a large plot of land, so there would be room to expand the house after they saved some money.

Unfortunately, the house had been invaded by squatters who left a mess for Risk and Zoe to clean up before they could settle in to their new home.

Risk is an architect with a playful sense of color. Though their cottage is small and sparsely furnished, he made it bright and cheerful. He hopes to brighten up Barnacle Bay in the same way. Too many of the homes here are grey stone boxes begging for a bit of color and cheer.

While he gets lots of jobs, Risk is disappointed to find that he can't do the kind of makeovers on the town he'd like. The client always wants a particular room redone and there's never enough in the budget to makeover the whole house, even though it sorely needs it. Still, Risk transforms the part of the house he's been asked to focus on and tries not to think about the ugly rooms and exteriors he has to leave as they are.

When he finishes a makeover, Risk take a photo of his work for his portfolio. Unfortunately he has only his cell phone camera to take that picture, so he visits the local consignment store every day to see if they have a camera in stock. Even a cheap plastic camera would help, but he is out of luck. After a week, a top of the line Hikon camera comes in at a great discount, well worth the wait.

Zoe is shy and prefers to stay away from people, so she has chosen to get a job. She spends her time tending her garden and upgrading and repairing the plumbing and appliances in their house. More than anything, she loves to fish, and spends much of her free time at the beach or the pond above the waterfall.

While she by no means a professional farmer, when Coral Goldbeard calls her to ask if she can buy some of her produce, Zoe readily agrees. She grows far more than she and Risk can eat by themselves, and is happy to share with her neighbors. She meets Coral in front of the grocery store to deliver her tomatoes and bell peppers. As she hands the vegetables to Coral, there is a flash of light. Paparazzi are following Coral around town as the girl is some sort of minor celebrity in the town. Zoe flees when the paparazzi try to interview her. All she did was sell some vegetables, what more do they need to know about her?

Challenge Notes:
I'm using the updated for Late Night Random Legacy rules by severedsolo on MTS, based on the original challenge by Tigger89. Found here
My roll for generation 1 is a couple with one child, primary career as architect, no secondary income. The generation goal is Fulfilled and the misc. fun is Random traits.
Risk's random traits are Computer Whiz, Family Oriented, Friendly, Light Sleeper and Photographer's Eye. His LTW is Visionary (max photography and painting skills).
Zoe's traits are Angler, Good Sense of Humor, Light Sleeper, Shy and Vegetarian. Her LTW is Renaissance SIm (max three skills).
My Barnacle Bay is one that I started building in before Late Night came out (I hadn't played it, I was just rearranging some community lots to make room for Ambitions lots) so I was luckily spared the 'everyone is a celebrity' curse that Barnacle Bay suffers when started after Late Night is installed. After a few Sim days, some of the locals have been celebrified by one or two stars.

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