Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chapter 42: Leftover Party Drinks

Guests begin arriving for Talfryn and Jessica's wedding.

As soon as everyone arrives, and before they all start wandering around the house, the couple take their vows.

Now Jessica is officially a Carlton.

The three Carlton brothers enjoy the angel cake, baked generations ago by Violet Carlton, but still flaming.

Dylan does his Yeti hand puppets for Carys, who is expecting her first child.

The bridal couple dance.

"Do we really have to stay down here? I'd like to go upstairs and be alone," Jessica suggests.

"These parties are more about my Dad than anyone else," Talfryn answers, "We don't have to stay."

Caitlin picks a fight with Carys.

Alvin and Kristian go out to the yard to get away from their in-laws.

And the happy couple sneak up to their bedroom.

Archer starts off Sunday morning with leftover wedding party drinks.

Not long after their wedding, Talfryn and Jessica are expecting.

Dylan gets a cake for his birthday, but no party. The only person he wanted invite, his girlfriend Candace, couldn't make it because of her working hours in the music career.

Dylan becomes a man. Following in Shadow McDermott's footsteps, he gets a job as a ghost hunter. Then he moves in with Candace. The couple marry shortly afterwards.

Talfryn and Jessica have a son, Rhys.

And quickly follow up with a second pregnancy.

"You can't take me now, I've got another grandchild on the way!"
Archer's pleas do not move the Reaper.

Talfryn shares his grief with Jessica.

Rhys becomes a toddler.

And he gets a little sister, Alis, to share his nursery.

Ghosts: more afraid of you than you are of them.

Alis becomes a toddler. Meghan spends a lot of time in the nursery, helping to raise her grandchildren.

So it's no surprise that Grim comes for her while she's teaching little Alis to walk.

Archer and Meghan are buried together with the rest of the family. 

Challenge Notes:
Generation 11 is born. I didn't roll any rules for Rhys and Alis, since this legacy will be ending when Rhys becomes a YA. As long as I can fulfill Talfryn and Jessica's goal of Fulfilled, to achieve their LTWs before then.
They are both looking good to achieve this before Rhys a YA. Jessica is level 9 Handiness and level 8 Logic (she must max both). Talfryn is level 9 painting, level 7 Logic and level 8 Charisma (must max all 3).

I'm really bummed out I don't have a picture of Jessica's Gnome of Invention. I was sure I shot one right after she made it, but there is no picture of it. Lyle never made one of those, so I was excited for Jessica that she did. Oh, well, lol.


  1. Grats on a new gnome. =) People seem to have more luck with the invention gnome than with the sculpting one, which I am still after. I loved the pic of all the gnomes in the yard with Kristian. And the pic of poor Drew.

    Weird to think your legacy will be ending! I look forward to seeing the wrap-up.

  2. Yeah, I got my first invention gnome with my first inventor I played right when I got Ambitions. And I still have never gotten the sculpting gnome.

    It's weird for me too, that the legacy is almost over. I really am looking forward to starting up in a new town, but I will miss all the treasures I've collected.

  3. I'm considering bringing the treasures into my next legacy (continuing from a clone of gen. 11 or so), and just not giving them to my next legacy sims until they make it rich on their own. Then I can take away all their simoleons and put the family paintings and gnomes back in the house, lol.

    A bit cheaty, but in the grand scheme of things it gives me no advantage other than personal satisfaction, so... yeah I'll probably do that.

  4. I think Talfryn is very handsome, he and Jessica make a good-looking couple!