Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chapter 43: The Gnomes are Worried

After Meghan's death, no one has been tending the garden. The gnomes gather around the weedy, dessicated plants, but are unable to do anything about it.

Rhys becomes a child, and takes over the bedroom recently occupied by his grandparents. His favorite color is the same as Archer's, so no changes in decor are needed.

Jessica discovers a new hobby.

Mining has produced a large glowing hole in the yard, so Jessica inspects it, and falls in. On her underground adventure, she meets a Grey Warden who warns her away from a darkspawn infested cave.

Alis becomes a child.

Playing tag in the family graveyard after dusk.

Challenge Notes:
Talfryn and Jessica have both achieved their LTWs and have thus officially completed all their goals for their generation.
The legacy is supposed to continue until the gen 11 dies, but my plan was just to go until the gen 11 heir (Rhys) becomes YA. However, now that Gen 10 has met its goals, I'm finding the actual playing of the legacy to be kind of tedious. I can't get too interested in or attached to the kids because I know I won't be playing them as adults.
I did intend to carry on with this legacy and give it a proper wrap up, but as I've moved on to my next legacy, the longer I go without playing this one, the less I feel like loading it. So I can't say for sure when or if this legacy will be updated  again.
Here is a link to my new legacy:
Foster Enmity: A Random Legacy


  1. Alis is very cute. =) I almost want to beg for some of your sims for genetics purposes, lol.

    I have a lot of saved sims in the folder labeled "exports", and hopefully Twallan's SP will use them instead of vanillas. So far I haven't seen anyone new move to my town, so I don't know if it's working. Immigration tally has been staying at 0 points.

  2. Alis is cute.
    I have clones of almost everyone in this legacy, so if there are any you want, I'd be happy to share. I might make you give me Pavel in exchange, lol.

  3. Sure thing. ^.^ I really loved how he and Arthur got Sacha's long face. It looked so awesome.

    I have him, Arthur and Marty saved. I regret not cloning everyone. There are several that I just forgot. When the legacy is over, I may resurrect all the ghosts so I can go into CAS and save them.

  4. Yay! Pavel will be mine! Mwa-ha-ha!
    So just let me know which of my Sims you want, I'll remove any store items and CC from them for you and we can exchange. Either via email, or I guess we could upload to the thread at MTS.

  5. Whichever way you prefer. I have two copies of Pavel. They both appear the same, but one shows up under children. o.o' Maybe it's a glitch because I know I had his child version saved.

    Hmm... Bree and Oregon were definitely two favorites, as far as looks go. And Cameron, Carys, Alis and Talfryn. You don't have to give up all of them if you don't want to. xD

    I've found that for children, you can change their age in CAS and save to bin without saving them in game.

    Immigration tally still won't go up. D= I wonder if people have to die, or I need to build more houses. I hope the new anti-vanilla feature also works on bartenders, consignment store workers, etc.

  6. Cool. I think I'll upload to the MTS thread, in case anyone else wants them.
    So, after work today I'll get in game and get clean copies of these Sims for upload.
    I should be able to upload them all this evening.
    Luckily Bree is a vampire and is still alive. She's one I've never cloned, lol.

    For the immigration, you can lower your Immigration to 1. If it's already at one, then yeah, you need more houses/less residents.
    I believe the anti-vanilla also works on NPC types. Riverblossom Hills comes with a full set of custom NPCs, so I haven't seen any newly spawned bartenders etc yet.